Luna Station Quarterly 058


You come to Luna Station Quarterly for good stories. We are grateful for that, and for you.

Yes, you.

Who can follow along when things get timey-wimey, who do not flinch when grief needs its space, who embrace magick and wonder and transmutation and alternate realities with aplomb, who still believe in monsters and witches and aliens and dinosaurs, and who most of all are not afraid at this late hour to read about love in all of its permutations.

You are who we do this for, year in and year out, season after season.

Welcome to The Station. May you leave, if you must, larger than you came in.

This issue features:

  • "37 Seconds to Say Goodbye" by R. J. Howell
  • "Cry to the Moon" by Keira Perkins
  • "Monstrous Attractions" by Cindy Phan
  • "Resurrecting Tessa" by Nicole Walsh
  • "To the Moon and Back" by Emmie Christie
  • "Brave Stupid Creatures" by Mac Bowers
  • "Victory and Vanilla" by Hesper Leveret
  • "Be Not Afraid of the Angel beneath the Stairs" by Sara Playfair
  • "Secrets Locked in Metal Scrap" by Marie Croke
  • "Sue Dhingra's Cat" by Shikhandin
  • "Grown From an Alder Wolf’s Skull" by Anna Madden
  • "Date Night" by Alex T. Singer
  • "Close Encounters" by M.E. Macuaga
  • "Everything is Idaho" by Eliza Sullivan
  • "The Cierin-Croin" by Wendy Nikel
  • "Thistle and Spice" by Dorianne Emmerton
  • "Homoncula" by Neva Bryan

Thank you for your support and please spread the word about the new issue!

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Luna Station Quarterly 058

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