Luna Station Quarterly Issue 049

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...even in this troublesome batch of stories from Luna Station Quarterly, where grief, loneliness and other prickly emotions take center stage.

Amidst the small gods and sleeping giants, werewolves, knights and artificial intelligences, the women at the center of these stories are faced with real pain, real sickness, and of course, death. But just as in real life, where if we are lucky, we sometimes find that it is often darkest before the dawn, these stories also offer their own curious and uplifting redemptions. At least most of them do...

This is real belly of the whale stuff, folks. (I mean, seriously... there are several stories in here that deal with people/places/planets being EATEN!) Our PR staff wouldn't want me to tell you all of this. But luckily, we don't have a PR staff. And I know you can handle it, denizens of Sol 3 in the year 2022.

So kick back, read 'em slowly, and remember... THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE.

This issue features stories by:
Lisa Fox • Virginia Mohlere • Erin Keating • Sarah Salcedo • Glenna Turnbull • A. M. Klipstine • Emmie Christie • Clare Diston • Cindy Phan • Erin MacNair • Ivy Grimes • Paulene Turner • Agnieszka Hałas • Katherine Shats • K.Hartless • Rine Karr • Rebecca Harrison • Sarah Dropek

Our gorgeous cover was created by:
Caroline Jamhour

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  • A DRM-Free epub, mobi, and pdf copy of the issue

  • A DRM-Free epub, mobi, and pdf copy of the issue
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Luna Station Quarterly Issue 049

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